Why Do People Still Use Oil Furnaces in Chicago?

With the popularity of gas as a heating fuel, it may come as a surprise that people still use furnaces in Chicago. In reality, there are several reasons people may make this choice. They can range from simple availability to a desire to have a furnace that is more reliable than most. Here are some of the scenarios in which oil can be a good choice:

Gas Isn’t Available

Inside the city, it’s easy to hook up to gas lines. The same isn’t true of all of the outlying areas. Those living in those places must seek an alternative, portable fuel to run furnaces. In Chicago, space heaters are not going to cut it, so that generally leaves the choice of propane or oil. Both of these fuels are delivered to homeowners in trucks and stored on the property in big tanks.

When considering these options, two costs are factored in: The cost of furnaces in Chicago and the cost of buying the fuel for those furnaces. Another thing that is considered is how long each type of furnace will last before it either wears out or becomes obsolete. Oil often comes out as the winner when all of these factors are put together.

The House Already Had an Oil Furnace

Many older homes use oil furnaces in Chicago. It often doesn’t seem to make sense to switch them out as long as they still work. This motivates many people to simply keep them, even if they live in the city and gas is readily available. Oil furnaces tend to last longer than their gas or propane-fueled counterparts, so someone who wants to keep the furnace until it dies can use oil for decades.

Oil Furnaces are Reliable

Some people choose oil furnaces in Chicago because they are known for lasting a long time. With regular maintenance to clean the burners, they can last for decades. This factor is a motivator for those who don’t want to have to mess with their furnace for a long time to come.

As these reasons show, it’s not crazy to go for old-fashioned oil when it comes to furnace fuel. For some people, it’s the perfect option for their heating needs. For more information, visit Heatmasters Heating & Cooling website or contact them today.

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