Why do People Have Tree Services in North Little Rock, AR Prune or Eliminate Big Trees?

When a big tree is growing beautifully, it can be hard to imagine having one limb cut off, yet alone getting the entire tree taken down. Even so, certain circumstances can make one of these actions necessary. The tree may be damaged or uprooted in a storm, forcing it to have to be removed or to have broken branches cut off properly. If it’s healthy, it can send branches onto a roof or into power lines. Then, it will have to be cut back to prevent it from causing damage.


Large trees can live through some very powerful storms, but they aren’t immune to being damaged. Branches that are weak or brittle will often snap and either be blown off or left hanging by a shred of remaining wood. tree services in North Little Rock AR recommend that trees that are damaged in this way be pruned to produce clean, even wounds instead of the jagged ones left by the storm. This helps the tree heal faster and makes it more resistant to invasion by insects, fungi, and bacteria.

Pruning is also needed when some of the tree’s branches are in a location that can cause damage. A branch rubbing on a rooftop, for example, will damage the shingles underneath. Eventually, it can rub right through the shingles and cause a nasty leak. Power lines are also threatened by an overabundance of tree branches. When the wind blows, the branches can damage the lines. This is also dangerous because the tree may become energized by the lines. Live trees have enough water to overcome wood’s natural resistance to current.


In most cases, people who call tree services in North Little Rock, AR didn’t want to get rid of the tree just for the sake of it. Instead, the tree has become damaged by storms, rot, or disease to the point that it may fall down. Rather than risk the destruction of a house, car, or even a person, the land owner will have the tree taken down.

Sometimes, there is literally no choice about whether the tree will stay up because it is already down. Certain types of storms can uproot even the largest of trees. When that happens, the only thing a tree service can do is chop it up and haul it away.

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