Why do One in Ten US Households Rent Self Storage?

Self storage is a means to gain admittance to clean, accessible space any time of the day and for all types of articles, ranging from personal household items to RVs, boats etc. Businesses also use storage units to manage excess inventory and archived records. Self storage allows you privacy to come and go as you like and access your belongings at your convenience. According to figures dating to end of 2009, 58,000 self storage units had been set up on commercial land in the US by 30,325 companies, offering in total a storage space of more than 2.35 billion square feet. Statistics demonstrate that one in ten of all American households now employ private storage facilities. The reasons for this steady high demand in such facilities is that approximately 40 million American families move annually, resulting in requirement for temporary storage of their belongings. Rising incidence of divorce is also responsible for increasing demand of such facilities all over the United States. Retirement often leads to changed living needs and the requirement for such facilities. With death in the family, individuals often find the need for additional storage to house their deceased relatives’ belongings and personal possessions. Whatever may be the requirement, the demand for such storage is on the rise and has made conversion of warehouses and grocery stores and many other spacious properties into self storage facilities in residential areas a lucrative business. When you rent self storage, you are adding to the revenues of a $154 billion industry that is larger than the Hollywood movie industry.

The advantages of self storage over ordinary warehousing are:

  • Limited access, usually only tenant is allowed access to the unit and employees on the premises have no casual access to each unit.

  • Space available for vehicles like boats and RVs in secure enclosed units or parking bays.

  • Complimentary use of rental truck for certain units.

  • Video surveillance to ensure safety of tenants and their belongings.

  • 24 hour access in climate controlled/ non climate controlled premises.

  • Pest control in most storage facilities and regular cleaning to maintain best sanitation standards.

The various facilities offered may vary from one facility to the next. Check the options on the yellow pages or internet before renting a space. Make sure you are aware of the competitors’ rates before you approach a rental facility. With the increasing number of companies entering this industry you can expect a good deal when you rent self storage. Eustis, FL has a number of client friendly facilities offering top of the line amenities.

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