Why Choose Tyvek Material For Protective Work Jumpsuits For Men

The Tyvek brand has become synonymous with protective work jumpsuits for men and ensures the perfect balance between protection, comfort, and durability. These coveralls are made with flash-spun polyethylene, creating a nonwoven and unique material that is only available from DuPont. You’ll find a variety of options and can use these items to protect from small particles of dust, splashes, grease, overspray, grime, and more.

Where They Can Be Used

These suits can be used in almost any industry, depending on the need. For example, they can be used by general maintenance employees, mold remediation, asbestos/lead abatement services, and environmental cleanups. They can also be used for painting, which helps to keep the clothes clean.

Your Options

In most cases, protective work jumpsuits for men can be found in a variety of colors, with yellow being the most popular. Bright yellow means that people can see you. You may even want to add reflective tape to the suit so that they are more noticeable at night or during inclement weather when people must work outside.

You’ll also find suits that are available with and without elastic at the ankle and wrist. For most jobs, you don’t need elasticized wrists and ankles, but if you want to prevent dust and debris from entering, elastic can help.

You can also find a variety of sizes, all the way to 5XL, ensuring that no one feels left out or can’t be protected because of size.


Whether you need two suits or 100s, you’ll find purchasing options to fit your needs. You can buy them individually as necessary or buy them by the case (25) so that you have plenty just in case.

Protective work jumpsuits for men ensure that employees are protected from debris and other harmful substances. Visit MPE now to learn more. Follow us on google+.

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