Why Choose a Foam Roller for Painting?

When painting professionals choose tools, they look for things which offer the least amount of labor and yet are still effective. This is the best way to keep operating costs down. Instead of painting large surfaces with brushes, it is much faster and easier to use rollers but which roller is best? You will find many benefits when you choose a foam roller for painting and here are some good reasons why.

Nap or Foam?

Two of the most popular choices for rollers are nap and foam materials. Nap rollers are made from fibers like the material you may see in many clothing items. On the other hand, foam is manmade material and is very absorbent.

Benefits of a Foam Roller for Painting

Foam is like using a sponge for application. You can absorb a lot of paint, so you do not spend too much time dipping the rollers in paint trays. This can drastically shorten the time it takes to complete a paint job. When you paint more surfaces in less time, it creates a more efficient and profitable business.

Cost is another consideration. Foam products are cheap to produce so you can easily afford as many as you need. In fact, some rollers are so inexpensive you can discard them after each paint job. It might not seem like an efficient method, but it saves you a great deal of time on clean up. This helps to increase your daily output and profits.

Nothing is Perfect

A foam roller for painting may not be best for thicker paints or rough or textured surfaces, due to their construction. For these jobs, a nap type roller is usually the better choice. However, for large areas with smooth surfaces, foam is usually the best material to use for your business.

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