Why are Attendees Going to Come? Keeping Focus for Event Planning in Washington DC

Why do people come to an event? It is a question that so often goes ignored. It can seem presumptuous to state that people are just going to come regardless of the event specifics. It isn’t hard to see how this can be the perception for individuals setting up a big and exciting event.

Event leaders work tirelessly to set up amazing music, make the event look and appear lovely and generally bring some solid entertainment to the affair. But, they forget to ask why people are really going to come? The setting and the music may be great, but is that the draw or the coat? Is that what will bring them out on the weekend or is it just the window dressing?

The Pursuit of “What”

Event leaders need to ask why people are going to come out. This needs to be the main factor contributing to the design, setting, and creation of the event. Anything else is cutting it all too short at the knees. People need a “what,” and that will drive the event.

Event Planning in Washington DC could expand on the famous “what” by deploying product tables for a product launch. The fact that attendees can experience the new product firsthand may be enough of a draw on its own. There may also be a drawing to complement the product tables, where attendees can win product. This feature of the event may be advertised heavily.


A speaker is also a very popular and common reason to go to an event. If the speaker is popular enough, he or she can be the main pillar to build the event upon. Event Planning in Washington DC can focus on the speaker as the event, not just a small piece of it. Event leaders may also want to set up connection booths for potential new hires. With this strategy, they can appeal to multiple types of potential attendees.

Potential event leaders can Contact Umviia Inc to deploy a strategy that brings in many visitors. Answer the question of what brings people to the event, and keep that answer as the primary focus.

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