Why a Home-owner Would Want to Convert a Wood Fireplace To Gas

While the home-owner loves the charm of fireplaces, the idea of maintaining a wood fireplace is not all that appealing. One way to keep the ambiance and still enjoy a nice warm fire without the mess is to Convert Wood Fireplace To Gas. Here are some of the reasons why this approach makes a lot of senses.

No Chopping Wood

A traditional fireplace needs wood to provide warmth. That means either chopping a great deal of wood or arranging to buy it in large quantities. Even after the purchase, there is the matter of where to store the wood until it is needed. If a home-owner chooses to Convert Wood Fireplace To Gas, these concerns go away completed. Thanks to the faux log insert that fits neatly over the gas jets, there is still the same look but without all the work.

Even Heating

Even the most efficient wood burning fireplace cannot match the gas variety in terms of heat distribution. The home-owner can adjust the setting for the gas to suit the needs of the moment. That means when there is the desire to take a slight chill off the room, the jets can be set lower. If things are really cold, then the jets can be adjusted higher and provide plenty of heat for the room. Try doing that with a wood burning fireplace.

No Fumes and No Sparks

While a wood fireplace is nice, it does come with some safety concerns. Sparks can fly from the burning wood and land on carpeting or scar hardwood flooring. There is also the matter of unpleasant fumes which do nothing to improve the air quality in the home. By contrast, gas logs burn clean and do not trigger any type of sparks. The result is a safe and clean way to enjoy the look of a roaring fire.

These are only a few of the reasons why fitting an older wood fireplace for gas makes sense. Talk with a contractor about the idea and chances are the home-owner will hear many more advantages that come with this approach. Once the decision is made, have an expert run the lines and set up the jets. Doing so will ensure that things are warm and toasty inside for the entire winter.