Who Needs a Chiropractor in St Louis?

Many people are under the impression that only people who experience back pain can benefit from a visit to a Chiropractor in St Louis. That could not be further from the truth. Visiting a chiropractor is a great way to treat years of pain and stiffness without the use pharmaceuticals, or at least minimizing the use of medications.

The most obvious reason that you may go to see a Chiropractor in St Louis is due to chronic back pain. This pain may be the result of an accident resulting in whiplash or medical conditions such as pinched nerves and scoliosis. Everyone that visit a chiropractor will receive a comprehensive exam that will include a physical exam and usually a series of x-rays. Each person’s body is unique in structure as well as ailment. This exam allows your chiropractor to design a treatment plan that is catered to your specific need.

There are also many athletes that choose to take advantage of chiropractic care methods to deal with stiff joins and body pains. This is especially true of athletes that participate in contact sports as well as other sports that involve heavy muscle use and possible joint stress such as tennis. The constant training and pushing the body to its limits can end with soreness. Seeing a chiropractor can do a couple of things for an athlete. The first thing is keeping the body limber by maintaining a good level of alignment. Doing this minimizes pain and possible injury.

While some people opt to see a chiropractor on a temporary basis, others opt for a long term treatment plan. When you first begin your care plan, your visits may be more often in the beginning. Then as your body adjusts and begins to feel relief from the immediate pain, the visits may taper off until you are visiting once a month or so. It is important to note that you don’t have to wait until you have been injured before you start seeing a chiropractor. Contact your local chiropractor at the Back And Neck Care Center to discuss your specific needs today.

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