Who Can Undergo Laparoscopic Gastric Banding?

by | Mar 13, 2012 | Health Care

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Obesity is a serious problems faced by many individuals across the world. Many people suffering from obesity are exposed to other health problems as well and most of them suffer from inferiority complex. You can undergo laparoscopic gastric banding if the other conventional weight loss treatments seem to bring no results for you. This surgical weight loss method is much more effective and you can be sure of losing weight.

The big question is; who can undergo this surgery? Usually, the decision to undergo laparoscopic gastric banding mainly depends on your Body Mass Index (BMI). If your body mass index is more than 40 you are suffering from obesity disorder. Individuals with a body mass index of 35 are also considered to be obese and they can undergo the operation. A suitable surgery candidate must have the following qualities;

* You must be in the right state of mind in order to undergo the surgery. The patients must not be victims of contra-indicated diseases but must be mentally balanced. If you have a psychiatric diagnosis for instance, it is not advisable to undergo this type of surgery.
* Besides being mentally fit you also have to be fully examined to determine whether you possess other medical disorders. It is imperative to have a physician perform various tests on you so as to establish that you are fit to undergo the operation.
* Your attitude also goes a long way in determining whether you are a good candidate for laparoscopic gastric banding. You need to have a positive attitude and high motivation. You must be motivated and willing enough to submit to all dietetic specifications required by the operation.

There are two basic techniques of stomach banding. You can have a rigid banding placed around your intestine and you can also have an adjustable banding. With the rigid bandage, the upper part of the stomach is encircled by a band of woven textile. This bandage cannot be easily regulated. The other alternative is the adjustable banding. In this case, the upper part of the stomach is encircled with a silicone band. This bandage can be easily regulated.

After undergoing the laparoscopic gastric banding, the doctor provides complete instructions concerning dietary measures to the patient. The patient is psychologically prepared on all the possible post-operational complications. Complications are not likely, however, to occur after the operation provided the operation is well performed. Should you, however, observe unusual complications after undergoing the operation; it is always wise to consult a physician immediately.

After undergoing the operation, you can be assured of losing the extra pounds. For instance studies indicate that patients can lose approximately 2-10kg in a month and above 20kg after a year. Weight loss after undergoing laparoscopic surgery has long time effect of up to five years.

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