Where to Look for Clean Energy Heaters in Richmond, VA

If one’s organization or business concern generates large quantities of waste oil annually, different methods may be utilized to recycle the used oil with potential savings of thousands of dollars in energy costs. Oil may either be disposed of carefully or used again as a heat source. Oil heaters that operate using this excess oil are a good source of clean, free heat and are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency to boot. This is the best choice for up-to-date ecology-minded technology.

Two of the best-known clean energy heater brands in the business are Firelake and Clean Energy. These offer an alternative heating method as well as a means of recycling the waste oil. Virginia Industrial Cleaners & Equipment (V.I.C.E.) is one such source of Clean Energy Heaters Richmond VA. They or any other company in this line of service can offer these brand names and others as the perfect solution for one’s business heating needs. V.I.C.E. is an authorized dealer of Firelake and Clean Energy and offer best solutions in progressive technology. These furnaces are more efficient and easy to service than conventional heaters and improve the client’s bottom line by taking leftover oil products out of the waste stream and turning them into safe, clean heat.

Some of the innovations offered by companies that offer Clean Energy Heaters Richmond VA, and other services, include the use of stainless steel to eliminate rust potential, longer intervals between necessary service, more heat production, and easier cleaning. A company in this business will strive for the following goals: to be consistent and thoughtful innovators, to stay on top of trends and new technology in the field, to deliver high-quality products, and to provide excellent service.

If a client wants more heat and more “green” products, then they should call one of these companies today to see what they have to offer. Check out the products they carry as well as any guarantees they offer and what their service contracts entail. The bottom line is efficiency for the client with the recycling of waste products in an environmentally safe and ecologically friendly way. Visit the site for more info.