Where to Go for Contract Manufacturing in Illinois

When it comes to electronics and businesses, it is often necessary to seek outside help. This is especially true of smaller businesses that don’t employ a lot of people and do not have any on-staff engineers. When they need to hire electrical engineers, business owners look for firms that are well-known and trusted, and have a reputation of offering the highest grade of service. They want to know that the engineers they hire are experts in electronic design and assembly for businesses, and that they can work with any systems, and get even the hardest to find parts. They want a team of professionals that will deliver the highest degree of service, at the best possible price.

When they need Contract Manufacturing in Illinois, business owners contact Caltronics Design and Assembly Inc., a company that services Illinois, Wisconsin, Minneapolis, MN, and California businesses. They can work with a client’s ideas, and turn them into reality, as long as the ideas involve electronics. Contract manufacturing in Illinois can involve SMT PCB assembly for most devices, as well as providing environmental testing and product operation. These experts from a business that is family owned and operated want to help clients see their ideas come to life. They need little more than a sketch to get started, and they can ensure successful completion of the projects thought up by their clients.

Clients can expect the most dedicated and professional service in the industry. The staff in the engineering department have electrical and computer engineering degrees. The purchasing department can find some pretty rare parts when they are needed, and the inventory team keeps close track of supplies so all parts needed are always in stock. Of course, all projects go through a wide array of tests by the testing department to ensure their quality, so they are guaranteed to work properly.

Some of the many services offered include custom product development, product testing, component purchasing, software/firmware design, turnkey assembly, prototype assembly and design, and electronic design. Clients can also take advantage of environmental testing, electronic/mechanical assembly, cable assembly, surface-mount assembly, and much more.

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