When to Retain a Columbus OH Divorce Lawyer

If your marriage is coming apart at the seams, it is important to consider mending it, or ending it. If divorce is an option, it is important to rely on the expertise offered by a Columbus OH divorce attorney. This will provide you with the legal guidance to get through this challenging time.

There are many types of divorce, but only two methods to consider for the legal dissolution of the marriage. These involve the fault and no fault based method of ending the union. The divorce selected will normally reflect on of these methods.

The No-Fault Divorce

One of the no fault divorce methods and type of divorce is the no-fault divorce. This will allow for a faster end to the marriage is fault is not blamed on either of the marital parities.
The no-fault divorce is a simple one to obtain and will require much less time in court because there isn’t any evidence which must be provided. This will decrease the legal fees and court costs, as well.

The Uncontested Divorce

A common type of divorce selected due to the ease of completion is the uncontested divorce. This divorce requires both of the spouses to jointly agree on the end of the marriage and seek the divorce. This mutual agreement will allow for a much less complicated divorce and faster end to the union.
The assets of the couple are likely to be divided by the couple and this will avoid time in court and work to reduce legal fees. This is a simpler type of divorce to obtain for any couple and it is not based on fault.

The At-Fault Divorce

When one of the spouses can prove the end of the marriage is due to the other spouse this is referred to as the at-fault divorce. The spouse seeking the end of the marriage will need to provide the evidence in court against the other spouse.

This type of divorce is often the result of infidelity in the marriage.

Finally, when considering a divorce rely on the legal expertise offered by Richard L Morris Co. L.P.A Columbus OH. This will allow for the simplest divorce type to be selected and decrease the complex issues surrounding a legal dissolution.

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