When to Replace Interior Doors in San Diego, CA

Some home improvement projects get more attention than others. Most homeowners won’t hesitate to replace leaky plumbing fixtures or refinish aging floors, yet few of them give much thought to their interior doors. Read on to find out about a few signs that it’s time to consider updating interior doors in San Diego, CA as part of that next home improvement project.

Damaged Materials

If a door has become warped or its hardware is broken, homeowners and their families may have difficulty opening and closing it. What starts out as a minor inconvenience will only get worse over time, becoming a serious and potentially dangerous problem. Replace the door as soon as it shows signs of wear and tear to avoid these issues.

Mismatching Styles

The home’s interior doors should all be the same style. If one or two of the doors have already been replaced by former homeowners, it’s worth updating the rest of them to match the new ones. It will make interior decorating easier and create a more unified appearance, making it easier to sell the property should homeowners decide to move.

Major Remodels

Homeowners in performing interior remodels should always add buying new interior doors in San Diego, CA to their to-do lists. They should make a point of purchasing doors that complement the rest of their homes’ new designs. Some homeowners even take remodeling projects as an opportunity to make the switch to French doors to dining rooms and other common areas, allowing them to broaden their space without committing to a fully open floor plan.

Replaced Trim and Molding

Any time the trim and molding need to be replaced, the door should be replaced along with it. It just won’t look good if the trim has a rich wood grain, and the door is made of fiberboard. Purchasing a new door along with the new trim will ensure that they match.

Buy a New Door Today

Know it’s time to upgrade those aging interior doors but not sure where to turn for help? Check out TheCustomDoor.com to evaluate options or get in touch to speak with a qualified sales representative who can offer valuable advice about what doors to choose today.

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