When There is Smoke Damage Roseville Calls the Experts

The damage caused by a fire can be mind-numbing. Of course, when the building has burned completely, restoration isn’t a consideration. When the building is still standing, in a strange way the damage is more visible. One room can be completely destroyed, while the remaining rooms still stand, but are almost unrecognizable. Water from the fire hoses soaks everything. Smoke damage is more subtle. Even when it can be cleaned, the smell remains. Nothing escapes the smoke.

A small fire can still cause substantial smoke damage. A wall can appear undamaged, but the smoky smell permeates everything. There is no electricity, so inside the building is dark, cold and wet. When the owners are finally allowed back inside to salvage whatever personal belonging they can, they find it is a daunting task. Fire destruction seems clean when compared to the damage caused by water and smoke. The insurance company may require an inventory of all items that were not salvageable. Few people have an up-to-date list of everything that they own. Any loopholes in the insurance will be pointed out by the adjustor. A bad situation can quickly become even worse.

Having expert representation to deal with the insurance company and all the other ramifications of a fire would be invaluable. It can be a lengthy, frustrating and painful process to handle alone. Is the contractor chosen by the insurance company the best choice? What permits will be needed for rebuilding? On a multi-unit property, there are many issues with the tenants to be dealt with. The paperwork detailing the damage is critical. If it is not filled out correctly and completely, the restoration or rebuilding of the property will not be adequately funded.

Carpet Technologies & CTech Restoration are expert in all aspects of professional cleaning, including crime scene cleanup. They are also a full service construction company specializing in restoration and rebuilding. They repair and restore damage caused by fires, smoke, water, mold and sewer backups. When the building is not repairable, they are able to demolish the damaged building and completely rebuild. They use the same program that the insurance companies use to prepare loss estimates. This ensures that the owners receive full compensation for their loss. When a building suffers Smoke Damage Roseville calls CTech.