When Should Your House be Pressure Washed?

The great thing about power washer is how fast they can handle what would otherwise be a several day project. The exterior of your house keeps all the dirt and grime of the outside out, but at its own expense, as that aforementioned dirt and grime tends to build up on the walls. Pressure washers take all of that off obscenely fast, making your walls good as new again. But how to tell when it’s time to pressure wash? Is there a set time to pressure wash your house or should it be after certain events only? If you’re curious about pressure washing in Clarksville, TN, read on for the answers to exactly this.

#1. Seasons

The best time of the year to pressure wash your house is during a mildly sunny summer day. It isn’t too hot, nor too cold, and there should be adequate dirt and grime built up from fall and winter to justify using the pressure washer. Winter is the last time you want to do this, especially if you live in very snowy climates. All you’ll be doing then is putting a fine layer of ice all over your house.

#2. Climate

If you live in, say, Florida, a very humid environment than other parts of the U.S. you’re more likely to accumulate mold and mildew on your exterior walls. As such, power washing should be done fairly frequently, at least once a month. You may also live in a place with regular heavy storms, bringing with them leaves, dirt, and water to stick them to your walls. If the storm is bad enough, you should power wash immediately after the storm passes. Otherwise, two or three decently large storms should be when you decide to wash off your walls.

#3. Weather

As stated previously, heavy storms bring debris and the water needed to stick them to flat surfaces like walls on the outside of your house. Particularly hurricanes, which can bring the combined debris of everywhere it’s passed through up until this point. It can also blow up all the dirt from the ground onto your walls, which will then need to be washed off if the storm didn’t accomplish that already. Weather should always be a deciding factor in when you power wash.

When you do or do not power wash should be fairly obvious. If there is a bunch of dirt, grime, mold, mildew etc. on your outside walls, even if it’s just one wall, it’s likely time to break out the pressure washer. Keep an eye out for that kind of thing, and you should be fine.

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