When Should Your Car Receive an Oil Change in Beaverton?

One of the simplest things that car owners can do to keep their vehicles running for as long as possible is to have frequent Oil Change in Beaverton services. Du Fresne’s Auto Repair provides such a maintenance service as often as preferred by the customer. Today’s car engines are more capable than ever, and can deal with a lot of punishment, but proper lubrication is still a must. This procedure helps to keep the engine running smoothly and actually helps the fuel economy of a vehicle.
Most vehicles can use an oil change once every three months, or every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. The duration of time that can elapse between an Oil Change in Beaverton is dependent on several factors, such as how much the car drives in the city with its stop and go traffic. Cars that operate in dirty areas also need to have the oil changed more often. A car that is used for light purposes and not very often may be able to go longer without a change.
A good oil change will involve draining your system completely so that all of the gunk that is left in the oil pan can be removed. It does no good to quick change the oil as fast as possible because this means that the old metal filings and bad oil will be mixed with the new. You want a service that will take the time to change the oil properly. Fast oil change businesses are not recommended because the hurry will ensure that an improper job is done.
The technician will also make sure to use the proper weight of oil for the vehicle. You can’t just put any old motor oil in a car. Some engines require a heavier weight of oil than others. Other cars may also call for synthetic oil. Some oil change shops will try to skimp on you, so beware of those that would charge a premium price for inferior oil.
The mechanic who changes the oil should take notice of the overall condition of the engine. There may be some recommendations concerning the care of your car based on the quantity and condition of the oil. You can then decide on what is right for your car.