When Looking for a Doctor’s Office in Middletown, NY, Think Orange

Not every doctor’s office is the same. The level of care you receive, how much compassion and respect you are given and the abilities of the medical professionals can all vary widely. It is important, before you are ill or injured to know where to go for the most compassionate comprehensive care.

If you are looking for a Doctor’s Office in Middletown, NY consider Orange Medical Regional Pavilion. They have a team of qualified professionals who are on staff, ready to provide every patient with the care they need.

All of the doctors at and physicians assistants at Orange are fully licensed and Board Certified. They are only hired to work at Orange if they understand that their job is to care for patients with the highest level of professionalism and dedication.

Orange is an urgent care facility. This is for the average type of emergencies. Medical issues such as broken bones, asthma attacks and a cut needing stitches. These smaller emergencies are tended to at this location. You can make an appointment online if you would like or receive immediate care through their walk-in service. If you do choose to make an appointment it can only be for the current day.

They offer a seemingly endless amount of services at Orange. All residents or Orange County are guaranteed to receive their no-wait service. They feel that everyone deserves to have immediate care for their medical issues.

The professionals at Orange can also perform any services needed for occupational medicine as well. They provide quick results for drug testing on urine and hair. They also offer general physicals and DOT physicals, flu shots and more. They can also handle work-related injuries and their required paperwork.

Orange accepts most insurance plans. Most are listed on their website, but you can call for a complete list if you do not see yours listed. Referrals are not needed by many insurance companies and are never needed for urgent care.

There are many choices when you are looking for a Doctor’s Office in Middletown, NY. But there is only one that is the best. That is the one which offers the most comprehensive care with the least amount of hassle and wait. That facility is Orange Urgent Care.

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