When is it Time to Hire a Business Attorney?

Have you wondered if it is time to hire a Business Attorney Raleigh NC? There are many services offered by these professionals for a number of different business scenarios. This includes drawing up contracts, incorporating your business and even representing you during litigation. Here are some tips that will help you determine when it is time to seek legal representation for your business.

Formation of a Corporation

While you will likely be able to form a business partnership or LLC without any legal help, the formation of a corporation, with a board and shareholders, is much more complex. Even though the actual articles of incorporation are able to be filed without any attorney, the administrative side of managing the legal and tax requirements will often need the help and service of a corporate attorney.

Patent Filing

Filing for a patent is extremely time consuming and expensive. It can take a number of years to receive approval. This is why “patent pending” messaging is seen so often in the marketplace. This means that unless you work in the biotech or pharmaceutical industry, carefully consider if a patent will give you any type of marketing advantage. Consulting a business attorney will help you to evaluate the product and also understand the rights that will be achieved.


This encompasses any type of lawsuit that may be present from customers or employees, as well as government investigations, legal violations, environmental lawsuits, harassment or discrimination lawsuits, etc.

Purchasing or Selling of a Business

Legal representation can aid with sales negotiations, lease and rental agreements and more.

There are also a number of business issues that are able to be handled without legal help. Some examples of these situations include:

* Naming your existing business and claiming the trademark.
* Creating a legal structure for the business.
* Completing and registering the forms for the creation of a business.
* The formation of non-disclosure agreements and contracts.
* Making the sell and buy agreements.

When it comes to your business, you should not take any chances as this is a huge investment of time, energy and money. Hiring legal representation will ensure that you complete the processes correctly and that simple errors do not impact your business in a negative manner.


Have you considered hiring a Business Attorney Raleigh NC? If so, contact the Brady Law Firm for more information.


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