When is it Okay to Break Interior Design Rules?

Unless you’re a professional, interior design can be a little hit and miss for most property owners. Searching for inspiration on the Internet or in interior design magazines frequently yields an eclectic mix of advice and styling tips, leaving the average homeowner more than a little confused. So what are the rules of good design and is it ever okay to go with your heart rather than your head when it comes to home styling? If you’re torn between the edgy chic of Jaime Hayon furniture, or playing it safe with basics, take inspiration from the following interior design truths.

If you like it, then it’s okay!

Design trends are simply trends, they’re not legal requirements! If an avocado suite floats your boat then get one fitted; the style cops won’t come banging your door down just yet! The only reason to opt for traditionally “safe” choices is if you’re planning to sell soon, in which case a neutral palette which allows buyers to easily visualize their own furniture and fittings is often preferable. It’s also wise to remember that what is today’s design disaster is tomorrow’s retro chic, so don’t listen to the naysayers if your style isn’t mainstream; just be you.

Ensure Functionality

An intriguing, exciting piece of Jaime Hayon furniture for example, doesn’t just look absolutely amazing, it also works well for its intended purpose. While it’s entirely permissible to opt for any color scheme or patterns which take your fancy, tables which tip, chairs which collapse or kitchen storage which leaves half your utensils still on the counter just aren’t acceptable. Always ensure your purchases are the right size for your home – or that you can remove exterior windows to allow your “must-have” baby grand or other substantial item to be safely installed!

Adequate Storage is Essential

Whether you’re a minimalist enthusiast or a compulsive collector of kitsch kitten clutter, it’s essential to ensure there are enough cupboards, drawers, boxes, chests, units, cabinets and other storage mediums to enable all your bits to be securely stashed away. Not only does keeping mundane household items in organized storage make life much easier, but who’s going to be able to fully appreciate the Jaime Hayon furniture piece if it’s buried beneath a pile of magazines, clothes, and yesterday’s unopened mail?

If you’re undecided on your individual interior design style, or view your property as an investment for future sale rather than as a home for life, then generally natural materials and a neutral palette are the safest options. For everybody else, go with what you like as long as it works well and adds joy to your life rather than more clutter. If you’re considering some spectacular accents which will give any home appeal, then Jaime Hayon furniture – available from suppliers such as Twentieth – is well worth a look.