What You Should Know before Renting a Photo Booth

Since photo booths are very popular, many business and companies are popping up and are open for rentals. Probably, you are considering or are encouraged to rent a photo booth, for your upcoming special event, but how would you know which is the best one to choose?

Know Them

You should know the company and its background. Check if they have a good reputation. Look for reviews online and check with the local Better Business Bureau to learn if they are any complaints against the company. Talk to the people on the phone and learn how they handle customers. Are they polite, friendly and helpful, or do they seem rushed and can’t give you the time of day? You should be comfortable negotiating with them and have good terms in your relationship. Besides asking about the price, feel free to ask them tons of questions about them and the services that they provide. You should know that they are reliable professionals.

Know their Equipment

You can make a little research about this. Quality equipment produces quality products. You may want to see sample photos produced by their photo booths to see if it matches your expectations. This is important because photos are precious memories of your event. If the photos don’t process well or are smeared, you will have just wasted your money. If you have no idea about the technicalities of the equipment, ask them to explain it for you.

Know What You Want

For your event, you are the boss. You can rent a photo booth that is customized the way you want it. Don’t settle for a plain-colored background. Be creative and free! Consult with them about your desired color, design, accessories, and the options the photo booth rental company offers.

Where to Rent

Ish Photo Booth Rentals have different kinds of photo booths for your events. With their main office in Connecticut, they have several locations in New Jersey and New York to better serve customers. When you rent a photo booth for your event you provide a lasting keepsake for your guests. Call Ish today to receive a quote for your next event at (718) 297-4702 or visit their site to see the variations of their services. You can follow them on Twitter for more updates!

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