What You Should Know Before Calling a Bail Bonds in Jacksonville, FL

If you have a loved one who has ended up in jail, the first thing you might want to do is find out how much their bail is, and get them out. However, before you crack open your piggy bank, you should know that getting someone released from jail is not as simple as cutting a check. If you are in need of bail bonds in Jacksonville, FL, here are some things you should know.

You Might Not Need Money

When there is no money needed for a release, then there is no need for a bail bondsman. When this type of release takes place, it is called a personal recognizance bond where the accused is being released on good faith that they will appear before the court.

Bonds Must be Repaid

When someone is given a bond for a set amount that you cannot pay, the bondsman will cover it on your behalf for a fee. The fee, which is typically 10 percent, is to be paid to the bondsman. This bond is conditional and is on the contingency that your loved one will show up for their designated court date.

When you utilize bail bonds in Jacksonville, FL, know that whoever signs that bond is taking responsibility for the accused. If he or she doesn’t show up for court, the burden to repay the bondsman can fall on your shoulders. Therefore, before you bail anyone out of jail, make sure you know them well and trust that they will do the right thing. For more information, contact Bill & Bill Bail Bonds #1.

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