What You Should Know Before Buying New Trucks in Green Bay, WI

Before buying New Trucks in Green Bay, WI, one will do some research prior to visiting the car dealer. However, the truck reviews can be very technical and confusing. Here is what one must know before buying new trucks. As you read on, you will get to understand the whole process, and even get tips on how to select your new truck.

There are two categories for New Trucks in Green Bay, WI. They are either compact or full size. As the names suggest, compact refer to small trucks while full size are trucks that are bigger and designed for heavy duty. There are three body styles for trucks and they are known as extended cab, crew cab and regular cab. Though the car makers have snazzy names for them, they are usually divided into these three styles for New Trucks in Green Bay, WI. Compact extended cabs allow lots of storage space while the full size version can have three additional passengers. Those with rear clam-shell doors make it simple and fuss free for cargo to be transported from the extended cabs. Regular cabs have only two doors and can have around two or three passengers. Crew cabs usually have four full size doors and five to six people can sit comfortably in it.

Compact trucks have a variety of four, five, six and eight cylinder engines for different groups of buyers. Some models of full size trucks offer 6 cylinder engines. Those heavy duty full size trucks uses diesel engines that allows for better mileage and towing power. Safety is definitely one of the top concerns when buying a new truck. Just like cars, most of the trucks provide the fundamental safety equipment like seat belts and airbags. For full size models, there are stability control and side air bags. One should take note of the rear jump seats in compact trucks as they are not intended to protect someone in an accident. Most trucks offer automatic and manual transmissions. Traction aiding devices like traction control and limited slip differentials are also common in many brand models today. Newer full size trucks have front passenger seats that can be folded into a table so as to provide a convenient flat table structure.