What you Need to Know About Quartz Countertops in MN

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Home Improvement

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Quartz is increasingly becoming one of the top choices for countertops. One of the reasons for this increasing demand for Granite Unlimited Inc. quartz countertops in MN is because they are extremely durable, which in turn, means that they are a cost-efficient choice since they are not going to need frequent repair or replacement. Quartz countertops are made from engineered quartz, which is comprised of natural quartz and about 5 percent polymer resins. The natural quartz makes the material incredibly tough and durable while the polymer resins ensure that the material remains ductile.

Some of the merits of quartz countertops in MN include:

1. Scratch-Resistance

Resistance to damage by scratching is an important quality for countertops, especially in the kitchen. This is because the counter is ideally designed to withstand the use of knives and other items with sharp ends and edges. Quartz is, therefore, a great choice because there are no unsightly marks left on the surface even after prolonged kitchen or bathroom use.

2. Reduced Porosity

Quartz is less porous than most of the other materials used in the manufacture of countertops. This means that water and other liquids are less likely to seep through the countertop. Such seeping would, over time, cause the countertop to deteriorate both in function and appearance, compromising its structural integrity. Since quartz has reduced porosity, it does not need any additional sealing that other materials may require.

3. Easy Maintenance

Quartz countertops are incredibly easy to maintain and clean. The material is resistant to stains, so the only thing you need to clean your countertop is water and a clean, damp cloth. In fact, even a paper towel would do the trick. Simply wiping the counter down is enough to restore its lustrous and aesthetic appearance. If you need to use a cleanser, ensure that it is neither abrasive nor bleach, as these would damage the countertop.

Granite Unlimited Inc. is dedicated to expertly installing countertops of different materials while also providing insight and guidance on the best type of counter for your needs. These choices are based on factors such as your preference, home decor and needs.

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