What You Need To Know About Interior House Painting

Painting is one of the fastest ways to refurbish a drab room. A beautiful paint job will enliven the atmosphere and inspire further household renovations. If you are hesitant to do the job yourself, it is best to contact a professional. For residents of Connecticut, a quick online search of painting contractor Stamford, CT will list several skilled professionals capable of doing the job. These contractors will evaluate the project and provide a proposal that details exactly what they plan to do. This proposal will show you everything that goes into creating an aesthetically pleasing paint job.

There are several factors to take into consideration when it comes to Interior House Painting. The same steps must be taken by both you or a contractor to ensure an appealing finish.

To begin, make sure all floors and furniture that cannot be moved are covered by canvas drop clothes. These will adsorb any stray paint drips that could stain exposed surfaces. Next, the working surface must be properly prepared. Old paint will need to be scraped, holes and cracks must be patched, and any bumps or excess patching will need to be sanded. All residue must then be wiped away for precise paint adhesion.Following this, the trim, windows, and door frames will need to be taped off so that the paint can run right up to other surface edges without bleeding onto them. The removal of light switch and outlet covers will also provide a seamless look.

At this point a primer coat of paint is ready to be applied. Priming the surface will provide protection from any stains bleeding through and allows for the final coat of paint to go on with only one coat. After the primer has dried for the allotted time, the main coat is ready to be applied. Be sure to buy the correct roller nap for the surface texture you are covering and brush bristles to match the type of paint you are using. Letting the first coat dry completely will reveal whether a second coat needs to be applied. If the resulting color is satisfactory, the tape and drop clothes can be removed and the room put back to normal.

Interior house painting can revitalize a room. Any number of painting contractor Stamford CT can make a paint job look stunning. It’s up to you whether you want to tackle the project yourself or call a professional.


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