What You Need To Know About Glaucoma Surgery In Appleton, WI

In Wisconsin, eye patients must undergo surgical procedures that could improve their vision. When a doctor identifies the development of glaucoma, they must provide fast treatment to prevent the condition from progressing. The surgical procedures are performed in an eye doctor’s office or surgical unit. A local eye care professional provides Glaucoma Surgery in Appleton WI as needed.

What is Involved in the Surgery?

The procedure is performed by a laser-based process. The doctor performs the procedure to manage intraocular fluid that can build up in the eye. Glaucoma could present the possibility of pressure on the optic nerve due to fluid buildup. The condition could lead to permanent blindness if it is not managed properly.

Why is the Surgery Performed?

Surgery is required when non-invasive treatments have failed. Typically, the eye doctor provides the patient with eye drops that can lower the chances of complications. The doctor may also provide treatments in pill form. However, if these treatment strategies don’t provide real results. The doctor will need to perform the surgery to lower the effects of the condition. The doctor will provide the option for laser surgery when possible.

Are Shunts Effective?

In some cases, the eye doctor implants a shunt into the eye. The device assists with drainage of the fluid and prevents it from affecting the vision. The process also provides the patient with a lowered chance of increased optic pressure inside the eye. It is the pressure that can increase their symptoms and cause permanent blindness.

Possible Risks or Side Effects

The patient could develop an infection as they could with any surgery. They may experience some eye pain or discomfort. The patient may also experience some blurred vision while they recover. The doctor will provide the patient with antibiotics and pain medications as needed.

In Wisconsin, eye patients must address the development of glaucoma. The eye disease could present the possibility of blindness due to pressure and fluid behind the eye. Surgery is needed for some patients to correct the condition and mitigate its risks. Patients who need to undergo Glaucoma Surgery in Appleton WI can Visit Green Apple Eye Care or call for an appointment today.

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