What You Get with Move-Out Cleaning Services in Savannah, GA

When you are moving into a new place or out of your home, you need to make sure that the space is clean. Using move-out cleaning services in Savannah, GA ensures that your move is simple because they take care of the cleaning for you. If you have a rental, leaving it in top shape helps to ensure that you get your deposit back. When you work with the professionals, they will leave your place sparkling clean.

Whole-House Cleaning

Whole-house move-out cleaning services in Savannah, GA include cleaning the entire home. They will clean all of the rooms and wipe down the baseboards. They also dust any ceiling fans and light fixtures, as well as the doors and woodworking. If there are blinds, they clean them, and they wipe the windows and windowsills. They remove any cobwebs and clean the mirrors.

Then they will sweep and vacuum the entire house before they mop the floors. They will also clean the bathrooms and kitchen for you. You won’t find any dirt once they complete the job.

Cleaning the Bathrooms and Kitchen

The bathrooms and kitchen are the most important areas to clean. When you use move-out cleaning services in Savannah, GA, you will get professionals who pay attention to every detail. In the bathrooms, they will sanitize the toilets and scrub any showers or tubs. They will wipe down the exterior of the cabinets, as well as the countertops and sinks. Finally, they will wipe out the cabinets and the drawers, leaving the bathroom spotless.

In the kitchen, they will clean your appliances. This includes the interior and exterior of the microwave. They will clean the stovetop and the range hood and the interior and exterior of all of your appliances. They wipe down the outside of the cabinets after wiping down the inside and the drawers. They will also sanitize and clean the countertops and sink.

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