What Types of Mentoring Problems are best for Kids?

As we grow up we will have strong people in our lives to fill a number of important roles to help us grow and find out who we are. In some cases however there can be children who are missing out on the people in their lives who can keep them on the straight and narrow, build their character and help them when they need moral support. Mentoring can play a number of different roles in helping them reach their full potential. Here are some of the mentors you can consider for your child:

• A Role Model: If your child lacks a strong adult role model in their life a mentor who can offer some stability can be of great help. A good example is a boy without a father or a girl without a mother. Children need a strong role model who can stand as an example of how to behave, help instil a sense of morals and also assist in building character. Role models also work well for children with specific interests such as a coach or a music teacher.
• Supporter: A mentor children in Jacksonville rely on might play the roll of a cheerleader. Moral support as well as confidence building is very important to children in order to help them feel good about themselves. Self esteem is important to becoming a well adjusted adult. Having a mentor who can act as an additional person in their life to sing their praise and congratulate them on their accomplishments will help carry them forward and allow them to succeed with the knowledge they are capable of greatness.
• Policy Enforcer: A child who might be in danger of finding their way or who has already taken the wrong path could be in need of a policy enforcer who can get them back on the straight and narrow. Kids who are faced with peer pressure, a difficult life due to circumstances out of their control, or just getting caught up in the wrong group of friends might need to be reminded of what is right and what is wrong. Often this role can’t be filled by the parents if they have issues with authority and the law.
• Advocate: Children who might have challenges such as a learning disability or social awkwardness that has lead to bullying can use someone in their corner to help them feel involved and know their own worth. A mentor Jacksonville kids might need can simply be there as an advocate to help them see they have someone in their corner.

Finding the right mentor for your child can assist them in meeting their full potential and reaching their goals.

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