What to Look For When Buying Shower Door

by | Jun 23, 2011 | Home Improvement

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Do you have a shower in your bathroom at home? Then you should definitely consider getting proper doors for it. Proper kind of shower doors will not only make your bathroom look better, but will also help keep it more hygienic in the long run. It is surprising how many homeowners neglect this little detail in their bathrooms, resulting in high expenses later on. Do not make the same mistake, and start shopping for the best quality shower doors for your bathroom now.

Need some ideas about how to choose the best shower door for your bathroom? Here are some points that should help with this task:

  1. The door should be easy to use: Make sure that the door can be quickly opened or closed. This will make life a lot easier for you, especially if you are in the habit of taking showers in the morning to save time. There are various types of doors with high accessibility available in the market, including the sliding, swinging, and bi-fold variants. So, pick the one that suits your needs the most.
  2. The door should be easy to clean and maintain: Are you going to clean the door yourself? Then make sure that there are as few metal and wood parts in the door as possible. These can get corroded over time, and will make cleaning up the door a royal pain in the neck. Frameless doors make excellent choices in this case. However, if you simply have to install doors with metal or wood components, at least have the door coated with a layer of water resistant surface protector.
  3. The door must be strong: Make sure that the door can withstand a fair amount of pressure. You can never tell when you might slip and fall, with most of your body weight on the door. Having a door made of strong, impact resistant glass will eliminate risks of many such accidents. Also, keep an eye on the metal fittings during everyday use, to make sure that those are not getting too corroded on exposure to water.
  4. The door should prevent the water from getting out of the chamber: Verify that the door is sufficiently watertight. Once the door is closed, no water should seep out of the shower chamber. This will help prevent a lot of accidents in the long run.

So, are you ready to start looking for the perfect shower door? Bedminster has some of the best shower door dealers in the US operating in the area. So, this would definitely be a good location for you to start your search.


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