What To Look For in Assisted Living in Asheville, NC

As the adult child of elderly parents, you’ve probably notice a few changes in them. Maybe they’re not able to get around like they did when you were a kid. Many of the elderly also need more medical attention in their older age. They also need assistance when it comes to eating and doing chores around the house. Most adult children have spouses and kids of their own to care for, which means that they may not have time to help their parents like they should.

Luckily, you can turn to Assisted Living in Asheville, NC for help. These assisted living spaces provide a safe and secure area for the elderly, and also provide a number of additional care options to choose from. Before you pick a facility for your family members take note of the following tips.

How well is the place kept?

You want your parents or grandparents in the finest establishment money can buy. Unfortunately, you’ll come across a number of places that won’t be up to your standards. When you visit the facility don’t be afraid to look around and observe the ‘little things.’ Does the place smell fresh and clean? How’s the condition of the furniture, floors, and living space in general? A lack of cleanliness, or a general unkempt environment, is an indication that the staff isn’t very attentive. You should consider looking elsewhere for Assisted Living in Asheville, NC.

What’s the staff like?

You want to leave your family members in the best of care. Whoever cares for them should be just as attentive (or even more so) as you are. Talking with the staff, and observing their behavior during your visit, should give you some indication of how they’ll treat your loved ones. The staff for Assisted Living In Asheville, NC should show that they’re friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable. Watch how well they interact with the other residents, and how the residents interact with them.

Ask lots of questions.

You shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions about the living space. Staff members often welcome the questions of family members. Ask about the foods being serviced, medication management, the community as a whole, and how each resident is cared for in general. You can also contact Silverbell Homestead to ask additional questions.

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