What to Know About Lawn Over-seeding in Oklahoma City

Taking proper care of your lawn in climates such as those found in Oklahoma City takes year-round diligence and proper maintenance. The area’s hot and mostly dry summers mixed with the cold the winter season brings, commonly damages turfs left unattended or improperly upkept.

Spring Time over-seeding

The most commonly used seed in Oklahoma City is Bermuda grass. This seed is strong enough to withstand the heat of the area if taken care of properly. Bermuda grass does not like the cold however and is known to lose its vitality and appearance during the colder months, that is why lawn over-seeding in Oklahoma City is a must. The best time to sow Bermuda grass is in the early spring or mid-summer. With proper sun, at least 8 hours, and proper watering you will see a lush landscape throughout the hot months. However, when the winter months begin to approach, and the luster of your lawn begins to fade and turn brown, over-seeding must then be done with a cold resilient seed.

The Cold Weather Approach

Over-seeding in Oklahoma City usually begins in the late summer and early fall months. Taking this opportunity to mix in a winter withstanding seed such as perineal rye grass or tall fescue becomes a must to ensure the livelihood and health of your lawn. Over-seeding helps with more than just the appearance. Lawn over-seeding in Oklahoma City also helps prevent damaged or diseased lawns. The new, healthy, seed will help hide the appearance of a damaged lawn and help with revitalized growth.

You Will Reap the Rewards

Lawn over-seeding in Oklahoma City is the best chance your lawn has at maintaining its full, green, beauty all year round. With proper sowing, constant watering, and over-seeding techniques, you will be able to enjoy your handiwork no matter what the weather may bring. If you find yourself needing help or advice please feel free to contact the experts at Elite Lawn Care for all your lawn care needs.

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