What to know about Auto Body Repair in Lubbock TX

by | Apr 23, 2013 | Automotive

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The more vehicles on the road will no doubt mean more accidents will occur. This means the likelihood of your vehicle needing repair work increases. Vehicles that sustained damage due to hail, thunderstorms and vandalism will also need auto body repair.

Auto repair is a service performed by an auto repair specialist to try and restore the vehicle closely to what it looked like and operated before the damage occurred. This may take longer than usual, and it will more than likely cost a lot of money. But in many cases, the Auto Body Repair in Lubbock TX can restore the vehicle to its original condition if the damage is not too extensive.

Most repair work done to a vehicle includes repairing the bumpers, frames, paint jobs, and electrical components. The auto body shop will use a number of tools to repair the vehicle. Some of these tools include, welding materials and tools, sheet metal repair to adjust and straighten the frame or bumper, and paint and refinishing materials.

Just like most services, auto repair shops first discuss the services it provides and the cost. This procedure is called an estimation, evaluation or a consultation. Most shops will provide this information for free. They will let you know what service or treatment to your car they can provide. You want to make sure you have a clear understanding of the services they provide and will perform on your vehicle. And you definitely want to clearly understand all cost involved, and if there are any “hidden” fees.

After you and the technician have agreed on the type of service(s) and the cost, you will set an appointment to bring in your vehicle for repair. Most Auto Body Repair in Lubbock TX will offer appointments during the weekday and on the weekends. Some even offer after hour availability during the week.

Sometimes there is damage to the vehicle that is hidden from the naked eye. The repair technician will, and should, call you before any additional work is done on the vehicle. Of course any additional work means additional cost, so make sure you are aware of additional work and the cost before the technician proceeds.


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