What to Expect When You Pursue Dental Care in Oahu for TMJ Treatment

TMJ is an acronym that is commonly used to refer to problems that can occur with the temporomandibular hinge joint in your jaw. While many people experience pain when this jaw malfunctions, not everyone understands what to expect when it comes to treatment for this condition. If you’ve thought about seeking treatment from a dentist for TMJ, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

At-Home Treatments

As you seek treatment for TMJ, it’s important for patients to realize that, with a little effort, the problem may go away on its own. Consequently, your dentist may recommend some things that you can do at home in order to relieve the symptoms you are having. For example, a dentist may suggest that you stick to a diet of soft foods that don’t require chewing or make use of moist heat in order to give your jaw some relief. Alternatively, he or she may recommend using a splint at certain times of the day to take pressure off of your jaw.

Prescription Medication

If the soft food diet or jaw exercises that your dentist recommends aren’t working for you then it may be time to try a more advanced remedy. At that time, your dentist may prescribe pain medication to help alleviate your painful symptoms until they subside completely. While your dentist’s recommendation may be a simple over-the-counter pain reliever, you should be aware that he or she may write you a prescription for a muscle relaxer or suggest that you have an anesthetic injected into your face.

Surgical Remedies

TMJ conditions that remain after you have exhausted all other avenues for treatment may require surgery in order for you to get complete relief. Many times, this means that your jaw has structural issues that can be fixed with the help of an oral surgeon. Your options for surgery may include arthroscopy (which involves making small cuts at the front of the ear and adjusting your disc or removing tissue), or more invasive open joint surgery.

TMJ is a serious and often painful condition that should not be left untreated. If you’re seeking Dental Care in Oahu for TMJ treatment, click for more information about how you can speak with an experienced professional about your TMJ concerns and how you may be able to get relief as soon as possible.

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