What to Expect From Your Eye Care Appointment in De Pere WI

by | Nov 9, 2013 | Optometrists

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Healthy eyes are important to your health. There are so many different eye conditions to cause problems with your site. This is why it is important you have your eyes examined annually. Through these routine eye care de pere WI examinations, issues with your eyes can be found and promptly treated.
What Does a Comprehensive Eye Exam Cover?

Visual acuity — The first part of the exam measures the clarity and sharpness of your vision. This test is performed through you reading letters on an eye chart.

Confrontation visual field — This test checks your central and peripheral vision. This type of testing uses a eye covering. The doctor will move his or her hand and have you say when you are able to see the hand enter into your field of vision.

Extraocular movement — The eye doctor will perform this test by having you follow an object. This test measures vision tracking issues.

Pupillary — This test measures how well your eyes dilate and respond to light and darkness.

Cover test — This test measures how well your eyes work together. The eye doctor will have you fixate your eyes on a particular object while he or she covers one eye. The doctor will then uncover the eye and see how it responds in visualizing the object.

Retinoscopy — This eye care de pere WI test measures the refraction in your eyes. During this procedure, the eye doctor uses a retinoscope to measure how well your retina functions and whether or not you will need glasses.

Refraction — The eye doctor will place different lenses in front of your eyes, asking you which one allows you to see better.

Slit lamp — Using a slit lamp, the eye doctor examines the entire eye structure to check your overall eye health and rule out any diseases.

Tonometry — Also known as the Glaucoma test, this eye care de pere WI test measures the amount of pressure in your eye.

Dialation — The doctor places special drops into your eyes to dilate them. This allows the doctor to check the internal structures of the eye, like the optic nerve.

If you are in need of eye care, you need a de pere WI eye exam. Through this exam, you can make sure your eyes are healthy and find out if you have any eye conditions or need glasses.

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