What to Expect During Mold Damage Restoration in Colorado Springs

Mold damage can set in easily after water makes its way inside a home. If left untreated for some time, the problem will become a large nuisance that can cause significant damage. Before having the damage repaired it is best to know what expect. Mold Damage Restoration in Colorado Springs happens in several stages.


A team needs to first perform an assessment of the damaged area. They will need to look at the room or rooms affected and see what type of work needs to get done to restore the space. This assessment should only take about an hour, and will usually require a deposit at the time it happens.


Once the team has assessed the site and sets a plan for how to handle the mess, the area must get quarantined. This may be done by hanging plastic material outside the doorway or around the space where the mold has been spotted. It ensures none of the air and debris from mold removal get into other parts of the house. The crew may also close the vents to prevent further spreading of the mold spores throughout the house.

Item Removal

Any items contaminated by the mold need to get thrown out. The mold restoration team will ask the homeowners which items they may want to try and safe and do their best to spray down and clean what they can. Items kept within plastic casings or out of the reach of the wet or moldy areas may be safe. Anything else should get thrown out as they have been too badly contaminated by the mold.

Mold Cleaning

After the items have been removed from the area, the crew is now able to work on the source of the mold. A small amount may only require the crew to spray down the wall with a special solution and get it cleaned up completely. If the mold has damaged the wall, all of the outer drywall pieces may need to come down. Carpeting may also need to get ripped out if it’s damaged.

Mold damage restoration in Colorado Springs does not happen overnight. Multiple visits may be necessary to ensure the entire area gets decontaminated and is safe to live in once again. Browse our website to learn about all potential services and see which may come in handy with water and mold damage in the home.

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