What to Expect During a New Roof Installation in Richmond, IN

One of the best ways to update your home and increase its curb appeal is having a new roof installed. However, to get a great new roof, you have to be careful about the process. Here are some of the things to expect during& New Roof Installation services Richmond IN.

What to expect before the installation

Most people, especially when they are installing a roof for the first time, never really know what to expect. A few weeks before the installation, homeowners need to make space outside the house because:

* A dumpster might be delivered to your home a few days before the installation starts for management of the wastes from demolition of the current roof.

* A secondary dumpster may be delivered before the project starts if you and your contractor have agreed that they will be recycling the shingles. It is important to ask your roofing contractor whether they take part in shingle recycling, as this could give you some extra unexpected cash.

* The shingles or other roofing material will be delivered a few days before the project starts. You are supposed to create space for the storage of the material. It is possible to have the new material stored on the current roof if you have no other storage or the contractor needs ease of access during the installation.

What you should expect during the installation

There have been cases where roofing projects ended up in chaos because of injuries during the process. Knowing what to expect will reduce chances of accidents happening.

* In case you have any pets, the roofing contractor in Richmond IN may ask that they be locked up during the installation for everyone’s safety.

* Home owners should take the necessary steps for protecting valuables in your lawn and garden, such as statues, gazebos and fountains, from damage.

* If there are certain requirements you have, communicate them to the head of the construction crew beforehand.

What to expect after the project

When the roof is installed:

* The dumpsters will be picked up.

* The contractor will come for a final inspection of the job and to collect the final payment.

These are the things to expect when completing a New Roof Installation Richmond IN. To learn more about preparing for re-roofing projects, contact R Campbell Roofing through their website.

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