What to Do When You Are the Victim of False Arrest?

No one likely thing that they will be a victim of false arrest, but it happens. Sometimes people even find out that their false convictions end up getting them convicted. They may never prove their innocence. In some cases, they have to wait decades to be exonerated of their crimes. After much time has passed, much damage can be done. This is why it pays to know, “What to Do When You Are the Victim of False Arrest?” One of the most important steps you can take is to ensure that you do not speak too much on the situation at hand.

You can incriminate yourself by the words you speak. Authorities can take your words and use them against you. This is one of the reasons that the Miranda Rights were created. Unfortunately, nowadays they are not always enforced or quoted. You do have the right to “remain silent” during an arrest though. That applies even if you are not advised you can do so. Do not argue with authorities or try to explain your innocence. You may very well put yourself at risk for your words getting twisted, which could cause you to be convicted.

At some point, you must be granted access to a phone. Use this time to find an attorney such as Zaloba Edward to assist you. Criminal defense attorneys have tried many cases that resulted in people being exonerated. You can be among this number, but you must ensure that you get legal representation, and act responsibly when you are accused of crimes.

It is important to reiterate that no one wants to think that they will become victims of a system that is supposed to protect them. If you want to know, “What to Do When You Are the Victim of False Arrest?,” you need to make sure that you explore the topic. Read information online, and make sure that you and your loved ones are all aware of how to respond to these situations. The nation has seen many tragedies as a result of people trying to defend themselves when they are being arrested. It is best to entrust your fate to the the judicial system.

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