What to Do if Help is Needed With Child Support in Vincennes, Indiana

The complications that can arise with Child Support in Vincennes Indiana can be fairly major. In many cases, the parents simply can’t come to an agreement about what a fair amount of support should be. In situations like this, the case must go to court for a judge to decide. In any child support case that has to be settled in court, the help of a child support lawyer can be essential.

According to state law in Indiana, parents must support children until they reach the age of 19 or until the time the child graduates from high school. This is called the age of majority. If a child has special needs or is still living at home, it is possible that a judge can order continued child support. The amount a parent is required to pay depends on several factors. The income of both parents comes into play, as does the current custody arrangement. The parent acting as the primary caregiver for the child will usually be the one receiving the child support. In cases where the child splits time between the parents evenly, there may be no child support ordered, but this does vary.

The state of Indiana has a general guideline judge will typically follow when determining child support, but the amount can always be amended. For example, if the parent with primary custody is paying for the child’s medical insurance, the judge may raise the base amount of child support the non-custodial parent pays so they are paying half of that insurance cost. Child care expenses, including daycare and after school care, may also factor into child support, raising the amount over the basic calculation. Education costs may also impact the amount of child support ordered by the judge, for example if a child attends private school the judge may order the non-custodial parent to pay half the tuition.

Every child support case is different, so it is important parents work closely with their attorneys to make sure no expenses are missed when requesting proper support. If you’re seeking help with Child Support in Vincennes Indiana, consider calling the Feavel Law Office. They fight for clients to get a fair and reasonable decision regarding child support.

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