What to Consider Prior to Hiring a Lawyer for Will Contests in Lake County, IL

If you are dealing with Will Contests in Lake County IL, chances are you will need the help of an attorney to deal with this complicated situation. However, before you hire just any attorney, you should ask a few, specific questions, to ensure they are the right person for the job. Some questions you should consider asking attorneys are highlighted here.

Have they ever tried a will contest case to an actual jury?

While this is not a mandatory requirement for your will contest case, it may still be helpful to find an attorney who has been in front of a jury in the past. Ask them what the outcome of the case was and their strategy. This can give you insight in to whether or not the person is prepared for handling your case.

Have they represented a will contest case in the Supreme Court?

Again, while this is not mandatory, it can provide you with peace of mind that the attorney you are considering hiring has the experience and ability to represent your case wherever it may go.
Do they know the red flags of a will that was not properly completed?

There are a number of different red flags that may indicate a will was not properly handled. This includes if the person who signed the will was extremely ill right before they signed, or if they were incompetent in some way and suffering from senility or another mentally degrading issue. Other signs may include if the will was suddenly changed to favor one person over another.

Will Contests in Lake County IL, can be complex and involve a number of family members and, likely, high emotions. Having a lawyer to handle the process will help and ensure that the right outcome for the situation is reached. This is essential, especially since in most cases there will be no way for the person who created the will to let their wishes be known. For more information regarding this issue, Contact Charles T. Newland and Associates today who can provide you with information and insight to these situations.

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