What to Consider Before Securing a Loved One’s Freedom Using a Bail Bond Company in Oklahoma City

Nobody ever wants to call a Bail Bond Company in Oklahoma City for help, but sometimes this becomes necessary. When a person bails a loved one out of jail, that person legally becomes the indemnitor, and this can carry a great deal of responsibility. The indemnitor essentially is responsible for making sure the arrested individual shows up for court dates and does not flee. The complicating factor of a bail bond increases the level of responsibility.

The Bail Process

When someone pays cash for bail to secure a loved one’s release, that cash will be returned as long as the individual appears in court as scheduled. If not, the person forfeits all that money. Often, neither the individual who was arrested nor the friend or relative who wants to help can afford the bail. The court may accept collateral, such as property or the title to a vehicle. If this is not possible or seems inadvisable, getting help from a bail bond company in Oklahoma City may be the best solution.

Surety Bonds

The complicating factor is that a bonds service does not pay cash for the bail, but instead puts up a surety bond that is intended to guarantee the defendant will appear in court. If this person flees, the friend or family member who paid for the bail bond service now owes the cash to the bondsman.


Arranging for a loved one’s freedom this way is a convenient and efficient method, but the person who makes the arrangements must be absolutely certain the defendant is trustworthy. It may not be the wisest move to do this favor for a romantic partner when the relationship is only a month or two along, for example. If the relationship is long-standing and the two individuals have trusted each other for years, then doing this favor is more reasonable.

Bond Service Details

The fee for the service from a company such as Ken Boyer Bail Bonds is typically a percentage of the bail amount. State regulations set the maximum percentage that these services can charge. This type of organization takes calls 24 hours a day, every day of the year, since arrests are not confined to normal business hours.

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