What Santa Fe Botox is and How it Works

Many people are getting anti-aging treatments to help them look younger. One popular treatment is Santa Fe Botox. It is derived from a substance called botulinum toxin A. The first experiments with Botox began in the 1960’s to treat neurological orders. Beginning in 1989, the FDA approved the substance to treat uncontrolled eye blinking, crossed eyes, and wrinkles. Botox was approved in the year 2000 to treat cervical dystonia, a condition which causes severe shoulder and neck contractions. During their research, doctors found Botox made frown lines between the eyebrows softer. FDA offically approved Botox in 2002. It id actually a diluted form of botulism that makes a person sick.

How does Santa Fe Botox work? Every time a person laughs, frowns, or smiles, the contractions below these muscles can lead to wrinkles. The wrinkles beocme noticeable as a person ages. The lines become permanent and no wrikles cream can remove them. Botox is injected in forehead muscles, it stops nerve impulses which causes weakening of the muscles that lead to frown lines. If the patient gets enough of these injections, the frown lines could begin to fade and even disappear completely. Botox freezes the muscles making it hard to smile or frown. Treatment can cause a person to look like a mannequin.

There are also theories surrounding the ability of Botox to treat migraines. One theory is the muscle spasms that often cause migraines can be removed to stop headaches. Botox may likewise be able to stop the headaches before they start by inhibiting the sending of nerve impulsesto the brain. However, studies have not yet indicated the complete effectiveness of Botox on headaches. A patient would need to undergo injections over several weeks before they see any results. If the substance has been previously used to prevent headaches, they commonly need it injected every three months. The patient may have headaches reappear without the injection. The FDA has not approved Botox for headache treatment.

Botox is a non-invasive way to regain a youthful appearance. One should study the pros and cons of getting this treatment. Botox should only be administered by a qualified doctor. For more information.

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