What Mold Remediation Service in Palm Desert Is and Why is it Needed

Mold is a type of fungus that reproduces by spores that travel through the air. These spores can take root and grow in any area that provides a warm and damp environment. These spores can also cause health risks for those with sensitivities to mold, especially the very young and elderly or those with health issues. It is important to keep mold levels in the home to a minimum. Mold Remediation Service in Palm Desert can remove mold from the home in several steps.

Remove water

If flooding has occurred or any major leak in the home, the first step of mold remediation is to stop the flow of water into the home. From there, any standing water must be pumped out of the home. There are various powered pump systems that can be utilized to help with this process.

Dry the area

The next step by a Mold Remediation Service in Palm Desert is to dry out the area where mold may be. Mold can begin growing within 24-48 hours after moisture exposure. It is important to take immediate steps to stop the spread of mold by drying out the area. Various companies offer services that can completely dry an affected area.

Remove damaged materials

The next step in the process of mold remediation is to remove porous materials that cannot be completely cleaned of molds, such as carpeting and drywall. This material should be carefully removed from the area and disposed of to prevent the spread of mold spores.

Thoroughly clean affected area

Next, the entire area will need to be cleaned with antimicrobial cleaning solutions that can kill mold as well as prevent future mold growth. This should be done in the area where mold has been found or suspected as well as the surrounding area surrounding. This will ensure proper removal of the mold.

If mold is suspected in the home, or there has recently been flooding or a leak, it is important to take steps to prevent mold. There are many companies that offer services to keep a home safe, healthy, and free of mold. Request an appointment for a free visual inspection for mold in the home.

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