What Is Your Corporate Email ID Saying About Your Business?

It is amazing how many business to business and business to consumer transactions today occur through email or social media. The name that you use on these sites or through these written transactions says a lot about you and your company. Your corporate email ID may be sending an impression to your customers that is either positive or negative and knowing which one is which is sometimes complicated.

One of the most important considerations when setting up corporate email ID is to choose user friendly designations. While most email will be responded to simply using the “reply” feature or a button on social media or a website, there will be times when people will actually type in your email address. If the corporate email ID is complicated, uses random types of formatting or difficult to type or remember there is a good chance that you will find customers going elsewhere.

Case Sensitive

Using case sensitive corporate email ID makes sense if it implemented uniformly across the company. This means that the customer knows that if he or she is emailing into a person in the billing department or the CEO the capitals and lower case letters will always be the same.

Case sensitive corporate email ID is typically formatted with a capital letter for both the first and last name, which may or may not be separated by a special character. The more features you put into the corporate email ID the more difficult it will be for a customer to remember and type in correctly.

Your Name or Position in the Company

Another corporate email ID policy that can be bothersome to many customers and other businesses is not personalizing the ID but rather using your position. In other words instead of being johnsmith@ your email ID is productmanager@. This can set the tone that the company is not people friendly.

These types of designations for a corporate email ID often create the impression of a huge company that doesn’t have time to recognize individuals. This is be further compounded if more than one personalize email with a signature comes from that same email address. Consumers do like to have a specific person to work with, something that can be reinforced with a unique corporate email ID.

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