What is the GE ET-16 and When Should You Use It?

by | Jul 13, 2016 | Electronics & Electricals

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The GE ET-16, which is available as either an incandescent light or LED, is an indicating lamp. It is made up of a common receptacle, escutcheon, plug-in type resistors and lamps as well as a color cap. It is available for to be mounted on switchboard panels with a thickness up to one-quarter of an inch.


The simple push-twist type plug has been implemented for both the resistor and the bulb. This is achieved by integrating a bayonet base on both of these components.

A common receptacle for the GE ET-16 is combined with the bulb and the plug-in resistor. Therefore, it is much easier to change on the panel and there is no need for any disassembly.

The resistor is in line with the bulb and the ohmic value for the various circuit voltages is calculated at 80 percent of the rated bulb voltage in order to provide it with extended life. Altering the voltages can be accomplished simply with a change of the series resistor.

In applications where there is no requirement for a series resistor, a short circuit plug may be used. This is also the case when an external resistor is going to be used.

The GE ET-16 uses the 1819 for the 24 DC lamp and the 1835 for the balance of ratings. Long-life LEDs with 100,000 hours are specified for LED types. Additional features include reduced heat, resistance to vibration and shock, improved safety, lower current and economical pricing. In addition, there is no cold filament inrush current. Terminals are readily available that are designed for screws, solder or AMP FASTON connectors.


These LED lamps are available in amber, green and red. However, white light LED is not an available option. There are nine basic color caps to provide maximum visibility with the incandescent type GE ET-16. There are translucent color caps available, including green, red, yellow and white. The transparent color caps available are amber, blue, clear, green and red.

The transparent lens caps only are recommended for use with the GE ET-16 LED types. The reason for this is that the transparent lens makes it possible for more LED light to pass through. The colors available include amber, blue, clear, green, red and yellow smoke.


The GE ET-16 can be used anytime you want an indicating lamp or panel mounted signal lamp. It is available for either dim bright or one brilliance operation with incandescent lamps as well as with LEDs. In addition, the incandescent types can be upgraded to LED type easily with the appropriate lens cap and color LED.

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