What is sedation dentistry?

There are people who are terrified when they know they have to visit the dentist and there are others that have trouble with the pain they experience during a visit. This may not be necessary as these patients can consider sedation dentistry Service in Marietta City. Sedation dentistry can be performed on patients for a number of reasons; these patients are given different medication that induces a state of relaxation, from mild to deep through sleep.

The mildest form of sedation is a simple tranquilizer which is taken before the scheduled visit. A mild sedative will simply calm the patient’s nerves and make these people more comfortable while they are undergoing treatment. There are other patients however who need stronger medication that makes them unaware of the dental work that is being done on them.

General anesthesia is the most aggressive form of sedation dentistry; it is usually resorted to during aggressive oral surgery. There are many other types sedation that are more commonly practiced that can be swallowed, inhaled or administered through injection. These types of sedatives are not as aggressive as general anesthesia and although they do not cause the same deep sleep, they do mean that you will rarely know much about what is going on and furthermore, once the treatments are completed, rarely will the patient have any recollection of the treatment.

One primary benefit to sedation dentistry in Marietta is the fact that a lot of work can be accomplished during one appointment. If you need a number of fillings or root canal procedures, then these can all be accomplished at the same time. Being able to do a lot of work in one sitting is advantageous to those patients who find it difficult to take time off work.

There are many people who fully recognize the need for dental care but they suffer from nervousness, feel pain more than most or become very tense during their appointments. There are others who may suffer from involuntary movements; these are people who can benefit from sedation dentistry.

As you will take medication that may leave you very calm and even sleepy after the appointment is complete, you will probably have to have someone act as your driver and to relay any instructions that the dentist gave.

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