What is it that a plumber does?

A plumber is a skilled tradesman who installs and repairs pipes which are used extensively for the distribution of water and gas and pipes which are used for carrying and disposing of waste and waste water. These pipes all go to make up the plumbing system of your home or business. In most cases a budding young plumber must undergo an apprenticeship program, working alongside journeymen and master plumbers. Upon the completion of the apprenticeship the individual often has to study and sit an exam prior to gaining a license which will allow for the eventual creation of an independent business dedicated to plumbing in Mclean.

Originally all pipes were made from lead hence the term plumber which equates to the Latin word “plumbum” which stands for lead. Lead piping of course is long gone as is most lead in any product as it is a real health concern, but the name still persist and always will.

When a new building, be it a residence or a commercial structure is being built, there are a number of trades involved with the construction, plumbing being one of them. Based on the architects design, the plumber carefully sizes the pipes and installs them in the proper location for the future installation of the fittings. Once the pipes, both pressure and waste have been installed, the plumber will install the toilets, basins, sinks etc that are called for in the design. As well as the potable water and waste pipes, the plumber will install pipes for the transmission of natural gas or propane which will be used for cooking and heating.

Working on new structures is only half of what plumbers do; they also are involved in repairing problems and installing additional plumbing in the event of a renovation or addition. From a repair point of view, plumbing in Mclean includes fixing a pipe which has burst, unclogging drains and sewers and generally maintaining the plumbing system. Minor problems, perhaps repairing a dripping faucet is usually done by the homeowner but major jobs or jobs that require specialist knowledge and tools is left for a professional.

As the plumber goes about his business it is not uncommon to find other problems that perhaps are the result of a long term leak, in these cases the plumber will bring in another skill to repair the rot or structural damage.