What Is Divorce?

The term divorce means that a marriage is dissolved or annulled and therefore ceases to be, both in the eyes of the state and the friends and relatives of the parties involved. After the divorce neither party has any responsibility of marriage to the other as the marriage is declared null and void. Divorce law varies all over the world but to be officially recognized the process needs to be sanctioned and agreed in some kind of legal setting. Depending on the circumstances the final settlement can involve everything from access to children, to financial support and in extreme cases restraining orders and criminal charges. In Pottstown, PA the final settlement should allow for each partner to carry on with their lives and if they desire it, remarry. Divorce means a clean break and in most cases total separation from the other party. It is without doubt one of the most stressful and emotionally draining experiences that any human being can go through.

What is a Divorce Lawyer?

A divorce lawyer is a legal professional who works in the sphere of divorce law and as such deals on a daily basis with the kinds of issues raised above. Unsurprisingly, divorce lawyers tend to be practitioners of family law and have detailed knowledge of this area, covering everything from adoption to wills, in addition to divorce. It is advised that any individual who is going through this process retains a lawyer who is expert in the overall process. Even the simplest uncontested divorce requires that each party has the right to full legal counsel on their rights and obligations. In addition and perhaps as a corollary from this statement most divorce lawyers will advise that both parties seek the most possible amicable settlement, especially if children are involved.

Types of divorce

Clearly the individual circumstances will vary from case to case and this can influence the degree of vitriol involved. There are two types “fault” and “no fault” divorces. There are no definite boundaries between the two and the behavior of each party will be considered in the overall settlement. This of course can have severe consequences in terms of property, access to children and finance. The final point is to act with maturity, decorum and reason without compromising yourself, all within the framework of advice set by your divorce lawyer in Pottstown, PA. Browse their website at .

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