What is Covered in Standard Homeowners Insurance in South Austin TX?

Not that people are pessimistic, but sometimes accidents are unavoidable. Taking insurance coverage on most of your property and life is the wisest thing to do in this age. Homeowner’s Insurance in South Austin TX is among the most common coverage applied for in that area. If you are a homeowner interested in taking this coverage, you should at least know what a standard homeowner’s policy entails.

Your home structure

This policy only covers the structure of your house. If the house is damaged by any calamity listed in your policy, the insurer will compensate you by repairing damages or rebuilding the house where necessary. People are always advised to know the value of their houses so that they can purchase a coverage that will adequately cover the expenses of rebuilding them a new house in case of a calamity.

Personal belongings

In case of a theft or fire, people with personal belongings insurance coverage get compensated for their loss. In some states, the amount to pay for your personal belongings is determined by the cover you take for your house structure. The common average is 50%-70% of the structure insurance. Even when you are not in your home, you can take precaution by purchasing off-premise coverage.

Liability protection

If you or any member of your family is responsible for damaging other people’s property, the insurance company covers that damage. This coverage includes any payments that may be needed in case a lawsuit is filed against you, like fines or attorney fees. This coverage also includes a no fault medical coverage which covers medical bills for any members outside your family who gets injured in your premises. Their medical bills are covered, but they cannot file a complaint.

Extra living expenses

After a storm or fire damage, you will need a place to stay as your house is being repaired. An extra living expenses coverage is a policy bought to cover living expenses that you may incur. Such expenses include paying for hotels rooms and other basic costs incurred till your house is rebuilt or repaired. This coverage also compensates landlords who miss out on rent because their rental property was damaged.

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