What Is Colocation And How Will It Work For My Company?

Colocation is a type of hosting service where the data center actually hosts the server owned by the company. The company maintains ownership of the server and has full control over the server and all resources. It also means the data stays on the server to meet any compliance or regulatory requirements if needed.

The Role of the Data Center

The data center provides a range of features based on the specifics of the colocation agreement. In most cases, the data center receives the server and deploys it within the data center infrastructure.

The means the privately-owned server is housed on the data center supplied racks using the data center network and power supplies. It also means the server uses the data center internet connections and has the ability to benefit from the bandwidth available to these facilities.

At the same time, the data center can also provide caged environments that provide physical security to the server. These environments can be set up to the specifications of the company for access to the server by only specific authorized individuals.

The data center also monitors and maintains the server as part of the cost of the colocation agreement. The data center technicians and engineers provide the “hands-on” services that may be required from the company’s IT team.

The Benefits

Colocation allows a company to remotely host a private, secure server close to their customers and where they do business. The server is expertly maintained in a highly controlled data center environment while remaining completely secure.

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