What Happens During an Auto Windshield Repair in Marana?

Have you ever been driving along and suddenly had a rock or other debris create a chip in your windshield? If so, you know how quickly even a small ding to the glass can spread and cause major damage. Instead of having to replace your entire windshield, you may be able to have the chip or crack repaired. This will be determined by where the damage is located, how long it has been damaged and how large the damaged area is. Through Auto Windshield Repair in Marana, your windshield can be returned to normal.

To repair your windshield damage, the crack or chip must first be sanded. Sanding helps to roughen up the area so the repairing resin can be adhered. The resin used on windshield chips has the ability to bond with the glass material so they become one. Once the resin is carefully placed inside the chip, it will be cured using an ultraviolet light. The light ensures the resin is quickly hardened so it becomes a permanent part of your windshield.

Once the resin is hardened, any excess will be removed and the repaired area will be smoothed so it is flush with the rest of the glass. When auto windshield repair at Dwight’s Glass And Tint is carried out precisely, you will be hardly be able to tell any repair was done at all. This ensures for a seamless repair that keeps your vehicle looking attractive.

If your damage is old, you will not be a good candidate for this type of repair, since debris and contaminants have most likely invaded the damaged area. In the event your damage was done some time ago, you will most likely need to have your windshield replaced. If the chip or damage is in the driver’s side range of vision, it is important a replacement is carried out instead of attempting a repair, since there can be some minor distortions in the glass after chip repair is carried out.

If you are in need of Auto Windshield Repair in Marana, contact Dwight Glass through visiting . They can provide you with the expert repair and replacement services you require so your windshield is properly taken care of.

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