What EV Owners Should Know About EV Charger Installation in Boulder, CO

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular and more homeowners are interested in EV charger installation in Boulder, CO. At-home charging systems are convenient but require a licensed electrician to install them. Depending on the home’s current electrical system, some modifications or upgrades might be required too. Keep reading to learn more about the two types of at-home EV charging stations.

Types of EV Charging

There are two types of chargers that work well for residential usage. The third type is a commercial EV charger and is only available at charging stations. Home EV chargers fall under one of the following two categories:

Level 1 Charging

Requires a standard household electrical outlet and provides 2-5 miles for every hour of charging. Special considerations include:

  • Charging outlet must have GFCI protection
  • Charger must plug into a dedicated circuit that only powers the EVSE
  • The vehicle manufacturer charging cord must always be used, no substitutions

Level 2 Charging

Level 2 charging is the fastest residential charging option. It requires a specialized 240v charging equipment and provides 10-60 miles per hour of charging. Special considerations include:

  • Home electrical system will likely need an upgrade
  • Never install outdoor-rated charging stations indoors, even in a garage
  • The charging station should never come in contact with the EV
  • Charging cables should be stored off the floor to prevent damage and tripping hazards
  • Fastest residential charging option

Contact a Local Electrician for Installation

Professional installation is always required for all EV charges. To schedule EV charger installation in Boulder, CO, reach out to the team at Windward Electric.

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